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VERIFIT Irritant Smoke for FIT Testing

by Verifit
SKU 50811000-310
The VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator revolutionizes respirator fit testing. Its patented design integrates all traditional irritant smoke test components into one convenient device.
  • Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass
  • Small, attached bellows provide the optimum amount of smoke yet minimize overexposure
  • Unlike other test methods, there is no need for nebulizers, pumps, mixing jars, batteries, test masks, probes, or hoods
  • There are no parts to calibrate, warm up, sterilize, or clean
  • Irritant smoke is the only OSHA-accepted qualitative fit testing method that does not rely on the test subject’s subjective response
  • Other types of qualitative fit tests, such as banana oil (Isoamyl acetate), saccharin, or Bitrex, may cause false negative results
  • Each VeriFit Irritant Smoke Generator is a complete, safe, ready-to-use, OSHA-compliant fit testing kit
  • Each box contains 10 fit test tubes

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