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Product Warranty

We strive to sell the best products available, but sometimes even the best has issues. If an item is not living up to the manufacturer’s stated warranty we will gladly help our customers deal with that item. If you didn't purchase the item from us (you will need your receipt) then we suggest you contact the retailer you did purchase it from or the manufacturer directly. 

Lifetime Warranty

If a product is labeled as "lifetime warranty," the word "lifetime" refers to the life of the product. It does not refer to your lifetime! It is hard to find any safety-related company which will accept items for warranty which are due to:
- normal wear and tear
- modifications
- alterations
- negligence
- damage
- use for a purpose other than for which it was designed

All products do have a lifetime. If the stitching blows out on the arm and the garment has seen very little use that is one issue, if the same stitching goes after the item has had 5 years of daily use then that is a very different item. It is worth asking this question to yourself before you go through the expense and effort to see if an item is a warranty claim: “Does this garment owe me anything or have I simply worn it out?”

Limited Warranty

If a product is labeled as "limited warranty," the company will warranty it for a stated time period which begins the day the product is purchased. For example, if a product has a 1 year warranty and the product was purchased on the 1st of January, 2006, the warranty will expire on the 2nd of January, 2007. If the product fails after that date, the company is no longer obligated to honor the warranty regardless of how much (or how little) you actually used the product.

The Warranty Process from our end

If you have an interest of how the warranty process works from our end:

  • receives the cleaned warranty product and sales receipt from the customer
  • contacts the product's company with the problem. Nine times out of 10, the company requires we send the product, at’s expense, to the company where the Manufacturer makes the determination whether it is a warranty or not.
    • DISCLAIMER: All items sends back to the manufacturer or supplier are for warranty inspection ONLY. We do not guarantee the manufacturer or supplier will repair, replace or credit the item.
  • must wait for the company to either repair, replace, credit or return the item. This period of time is about 1-4 weeks from the time we ship the item to the company.
  • If the item is deemed to not be a warranty situation but can be repaired the company will contact us with a quote and we will get permission and payment from you to proceed.
  • Once we receive the repaired, replaced, credited or simply returned item from the company, we then forward it back to the customer.

Work Boot Warranties offers its customers a 6 month warranty on most work boots. This warranty starts from when the original boots were purchased. Boots that show extreme wear and tear or misuse will not be warrantied. Boots should be kept clean, dried properly and conditioned if necessary.  
If we think we will be able to get you a manufacturers warranty we will need you to send them back to us and sometimes the boots will need to inspected by the manufacturer first before a replacement can be made. 
If the boots are approved for replacement, we will ship them out to you at no additional cost. This process usually doesn't happen overnight but we always try our best to advocate for our customers.

Every warranty event is a fair bit of work and expense for everyone. If you have any questions regarding a potential warranty feel free to drop us a line or call us.

To obtain a warranty replacement or repair, please contact or call 604-455-0575

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