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HONEYWELL H500 Construction Comfort Harness

SKU H5CC311021
The new Honeywell Miller® H500 integrates evidence-based “best-in-class” anatomically and ergonomically designed pressure-relief breathable paddings for more comfort and freedom of movement and introduces a variety of other new smart and intuitive features.
Features & Benefits:
Greater freedom of movement 
  • New specially formulated webbing flexes to accommodate movement and body contours for optimum comfort around legs/shoulders
  • New patented shoulder/back padding design minimises overhead muscular fatigue (overexertion)
  • New anatomically and ergonomically designed waist pad with ideal foam density for optimum lumbar support
  • Lighter than ever
More breathability
  • Workers are kept drier and cooler with new “best in class” anatomically and ergonomically designed pressure-relief breathable back/shoulder pad
  • 3 times more breathable compared to the next best alternative
Other smart and intuitive features
  • Dedicated SRL web link for an easy attachment of personal SRLs
  • User friendly Lanyard keepers allows users to attach lanyard when not in use 
  • Clearly identifiable fall impact indicators for hassle-free inspection
  • Optimized label protection with self-contained and practical Velcro®-label pouch
  • Visible and practical size label
  • Improved visible stitch pattern for easy inspection
  • Available with Quick-Connect, Mating & Tongue buckles
  • Models with Front D-ring available
  • Models with Side-D rings available
  • Models with Aluminium front and back D-rings available
  • Rated to 420 lbs. (max weight capacity)

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