JB Field's Icelandic Gumboot Thermal Sock

SKU 8565
Feet Cold? When only the warmest will do the -50 Below Ice Sock is your choice! One of the warmest socks we make it contains an astonishing 85% wool. Designed for people who spend a lot of time outside and need to keep their feet dry and warm in the most extreme conditions.
  • Heavy weight extreme warm wool cushion
  • Suitable for weather up to -50 Below!
  • Over the calf length with turn down gumboot cuff
  • Pre-Shrunk Wool - We only use the finest quality of easy care wool in our socks because it is such a versatile fibre. Not only is wool breathable but it is great at helping regulate body temperature by keeping your feet dry and wicking away moisture helping prevent blisters and control odour.
  • Size Large (Men 8-12 Women 9-13)

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