JB Field's Expedition Thermal Backpacker Sock

SKU 8524-02
The J.B. Field's Thermal Backpacker is from the J.B. Field's EXPEDITION line created specifically for rugged outdoor activity. Suitable for fall and winter this sock is ideal for people who spend a lot of time outdoors demand a sock which keeps their feet protected, warm, dry, and prevents the growth of bacteria causing odour. With extensive field testing the results are clear J.B. Field's EXPEDITION line provides the best in comfort, value/quality, and functionality of any sock designed for those who demand the most out of their socks.

  • Impact Support Zones (strategically reinforced zones)
  • Contoured Full Cushions for superior comfort and protection
  • Hollofil is DuPont's engineered yarn the minimizes loss of heat, without creating bulk
  • 50% Acrylic, 22% Merino Wool, 18% Hollofil, 10% Nylon
  • Please note, sock comes in a Charcoal/Black colour (not as pictured)

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