HOWARD LITE Trust Fit Pod Earplugs (Corded)

by 3M
SKU 6050
Howard LeightTrustFit Pod push-in earplugs are designed with an ergonomic stem and dimpled foam tip so they are easy to fully insert and remove.
  • TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplugs can be reused
  • The foam earplugs should be cleaned between each use and prior to re-insertion
  • Soiled earplugs should be wiped clean with a moist cloth
  • Do not use solutions, disinfectants, or chemicals as they may degrade the foam
  • Replace earplugs every 5 days, or if foam tip is not soft and pliable, if it is damaged or detached from stem
  • TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplugs provide effective NRR 28dB

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