First Aid Supplies

  • BC Level 1 First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    BC Level 1 First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    To complete WCB requirements for a Level 1 Kit 3 blankets are required. This is the first-aid kit that is required for most low risk work places wi...

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  • COVERPLAST Classic KNUCKLE Adhesive Dressing
    from $18.50

    COVERPLAST Classic Adhesive Dressing


    Lasting fixation by strong rubber based adhesive Robust and durable Substrate made of 100% cotton Low adherent wound pad Breathable 100/box

  • COLUMBIA Tactical Windless Tourniquet

    COLUMBIA Tactical Windlass Tourniquet


    The C-A-T® Tourniquet’s easy One-Handed operation occludes blood flow in 4 quick steps The C-A-T® is delivered in it’s One-Handed Configuration – ...

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  • Ripple FX Eye Skin Rinse 500ML
    from $14.75

    RIPPLE FX Eye Skin Rinse


    RippleFX Emergency Eye and Skin Rinse is portable and maintenance free for one year, eliminating time consuming washing, refilling and record keep...

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  • RAPID RELIEF Instant Cold Pack
    from $1.50

    RAPID RELIEF Instant Cold & Hot Pack


    Temporary relief for minor swelling, sprains, and strains. One time external application Size: 6"x 9" 24/case - sold in singles

  • EASIFIT Elastic Conforming Gauze Roll (3" x 5YD)
    from $1.45

    EASIFIT Elastic Conforming Gauze Roll


    Stretch rayon and nylon blend Lightweight bandage provides non-slip support and compression where applied Ideal for securing and retaining general...

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  • Emergency First Aid Blanket

    Emergency First Aid Blanket

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Emergency blanket 60" x 84" Made out of wool/poly blend

  • COLUMBIA Elastic Zap Straps

    COLUMBIA Elastic Zap Straps


      These Orange Straps are made of durable Elastic webbing covered with Velcro, enabling the user to accomplish a fast and firm immobilization This...

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  • Single Dose Saline Solution (15ml)

    Single Dose Saline Solution (15ml)


    These single doses containers filled with sterile saline convenient method of moistening bandages and cleansing minor wounds, burns and grazes min...

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  • BC Level 2 First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    BC Level 2 First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    This WCB Level 2 Kit is for larger or higher risk workplaces. It is often accompanied with a first-aid dressing station or a first-aid room. This k...

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  • 3M Transpore Surgical Tape 1"
    from $1.50

    3M Transpore Surgical Tape


    3M™ Transpore™ Medical Tape is a gentle, latex-free, hypoallergenic, transparent plastic surgical tape that offers strong adhesion, tearability, an...

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  • DYNAMIC First Aid Eyewash Solution (16OZ)
    from $12.95

    DYNAMIC First Aid Eyewash Solution

    Dynamic Safety

    Isotonic Solution Sterile

  • Saline Solution
    from $6.95

    Saline Solution

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution. Sterile normal saline for irrigation.

  • Foam Splints

    First Aid Foam Pads For Immediate Practical Use In Emergencies

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Foam padded aluminum splint folds or bends for immediate practical use in emergencies Flexible, waterproof, malleable and reusable Ideal to immobi...

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  • Silver Emergncy Rescue Blanket

    Silver Emergncy Rescue Blanket

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Pocket Size 56" x 80" Keeps you warm in sub-zero temperatures

  • Adhesive Tape
    from $2.25

    Adhesive Tape

    Dynamic Safety

    Adhesive Tape Latex Free

  • Sterile Abdominal Pad (8"x10")
    from $0.95

    Sterile Abdominal Pad


    Abdominal pads Sterile Sold per pad

  • Impact Resistant Air Horn, Can Be Heard 65 feet Away

    Impact Resistant Air Horn, Can Be Heard 65 feet Away

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Easy to operate push button horn Can be heard up to 65 feet away 5.5 oz Non Flammable Ozone Safe Air Meets USCG Requirements Impact Resistant Horn

  • Tensor Bandage 2"
    from $1.75

    Tensor Bandage


    Non-adhesive bandage Can stretched to provide controlled pressure

  • COLUMBIA Assorted Fabric Bandages

    COLUMBIA Assorted Fabric Bandages

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    50/pack Fabric bandages

  • $1.95

    Elastic Compression Bandage

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Sterile 4.5" x 6.5" Non Adherent

  • BC Basic First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    BC Basic First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    This is the first-aid kit that is required for most low risk work places with between 2 and 10 employees less than 20 minutes from the hospital. If...

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  • BC Personal First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    BC Personal First Aid Kit (Nylon Bag)

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Features: 6 Antiseptic Towelettes (BZK) 50 Assorted sterile adhesive bandages 1 4"X6" Sterile pressure dressing 1 Bio Hazard Bag

  • Co-Plus Self-Adherent Wrap 1"
    from $2.75

    Co-Plus Self-Adherent Wrap


    Coban self-adherent wrap Made of polyester fibres embedded with spandex elastic strand Provide a snug conforming fit Requires no clips or ties to ...

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  • Splinter Out

    Splinter Out


    Enables the removal of splinters with minimal discomfort and complete sterility Packs of 10

  • DYNAMIC Complete Eye Wash Station 32oz

    Complete Eye Wash Station Plus (1) Bottle Of Isotonic Solution

    Dynamic Safety

    Eye Wash Complete Station include panel FAEWS6514 Plus (1) bottle of Isotonic Solution with Eye Cup attach FAEW032SU (one time use)

  • Diagnostic Pen Light

    Diagnostic Pen Light


    Batteries included Disposable Pupil gauge

  • Surgical/Bandage Scissors

    Surgical/Bandage Scissors

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Lister bandage surgical scissors 5.5" & angled

  • Straight Artery Forceps

    Straight Artery Forceps


    5" stainless steel Straight artery scissors

  • Universal Scissors

    Universal Scissors


    7.5" black handled Serrated edge

  • Tweezers


    Columbia Fire and Safety

    4.5" stainless steel splinter tweezers

  • Pro Advantage Non Adherent Sterile Pads (2" X 3")
    from $19.50

    Absorbent Non Adherent Sterile Pads, Individually Wrapped


    Exclusive, non-stick TELFA pad Tiny perforations in plastic prevent sticking to wound Individually wrapped 100/box

  • Butterfly Bandages MEDIUM Sized

    Butterfly Bandages MEDIUM Sized

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Butterfly wound closures Sterile Individually wrapped 100 per box Medium sized

  • CPR Pocket Mask
    Sold out

    CPR Pocket Mask


    Material: PVC (mask), PP (filter), PC+Silicone rubber (valve/oxygen inlet) Size: 13 x 11 x 4 cm Weight: 0.110 kg Does not contain latex Operating ...

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  • 3-Ply Safety & Disposable Mask

    3-Ply Safety & Disposable Mask

    Big K

    3 Ply Ear-loop (non-medical) safety masks provides protection when you need it most during standard day to day procedures. 50 masks/box Sold per b...

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  • Blanket Yellow - Quilted

    Yellow Emergency Blanket

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Disposable Emergency Economy Blanket Yellow Made out of synthetic fibre 56" x 90"

  • Empty First Aid Kit Bag

    Empty First Aid Kit Bag

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Empty Bag Great for building your own first aid kit bag Image may differ from actual product

  • BURN FREE Pain Relieving Gel (4oz)
    Sold out

    First Aid Pain Relieving Gel (4oz) In Medical Grade Ingredients

    Columbia Fire and Safety

      Provides immediate pain relief by covering exposed nerve endings Rapidly cools and soothes the burn Draws the heat out and stops the burn progre...

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  • Gauze Sponges (3" X 3") Non Sterile
    from $6.50

    Non Sterile Gauze Sponges


    Non-Sterile 12-ply Gauze Sponges are highly absorbent The sponges are well suited for a variety of applications. 200 per bag 100% cotton Non-steri...

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  • Stiff Neck Brace, Easiest-To-Use Adjustable Collar

    Stiff Neck Brace, Easiest-To-Use Adjustable Collar


    The Stifneck Select collar simplifies your job, saves space and provides outstanding immobilization The quickest and easiest-to-use adjustable col...

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  • Velcro Straps for Basket Stretcher

    Velcro Straps for Basket Stretcher

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Durable velcro webbing securing and restraining straps for fast, firm immobilization For use with basket stretchers, spinal backboards and stretch...

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  • Nasal Cannual

    Nasal Cannual

    Columbia Fire and Safety

    Nasal Cannula provides the popular over-the-ear style ensuring a secure fit, while the contoured lip tab provides enhanced patient comfort. Each ca...

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  • COLUMBIA High Concentration Mask Set

    COLUMBIA High Concentration Mask Set


    Soft and Comfortable Elongated 02 Mask Kink-Resistant Oxygen Tubing High Quality "Fits All" Connector

  • FOX 40 Whistle with Lanyard

    FOX Whistle For Referees, Coaches, Rescue, & General Safety


    115 dB The Fox 40 Classic is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals and general safety worldwide No moving p...

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  • Oral Thermometer(No Mercury)

    Oral Thermometer(No Mercury)


    Centigrade Thermometer individually packaged in a protective plastic case Note: this item does not contain mercury

  • Patient Chart

    Patient Chart


    Keep a detailed description of injuries/illnesses sustained during work Includes names, medications and witness information Sold in pack of 10

  • Vital ID Worker Safety Hard Hat ID

    Vital ID Worker Safety Hard Hat ID

    Vital ID

    The WSID-01 is the original Worker ID. It is easily fitted to the exterior of each worker's hard hat. Securely stores their critical and potentiall...

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  • BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
    Sold out

    BZK Antiseptic Towelettes


    Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes 100/Bx

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