HELLY HANSEN Fargo Flame Resistant Balaclava

SKU 79892
Helly Hansen has been outfitting employees to be safe from flash fire and ARC explosions starts from the base layer. Employees that wear just outer layers of flame retardant clothing do not maximize the protection that could save their lives, or cut down on burn exposure. Wearing inappropriate FR base layers can lead to devastating injuries in the case of ARC flash. Layering three levels of flame retardant clothing will protect employees on the job and give peace of mind while working.

  • Knit 230 gram blend of Kermel, Viscose and Beltron Antistati
  • Warm garment and wicks moisture away from the body and through to the next layer
  • Important feature because moisture buildup can add to risk during an ARC flash incident
  • The Beltron antistatic agent helps diffuse some of this risk. The blend of the material ensures a soft hand and elasticity for freedom of movement.
  • Colour will not wash out over the life of the garment and the fabric will not pill
  • The garment will keep employees dry and comfortable throughout their work, keeping their efficiency level high.
  • The flame retardant and anti-static properties will keep employees dry, warm & safe

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