UVEX Genesis Clear Safety Glasses WITH HydroShield Technology

UVEX Genesis Clear Safety Glasses WITH HydroShield Technology

Standard Met: CSA Z94.3
Lens Tint: CLEAR
Lens Coating: Anti-Fog


·         Lightweight, extremely resilient external polycarbonate frame

·         Soft elastomer internal frame

·         Interchangeable dual 9 base wraparound lens

·         Vents the eye socket area

·         Soft brow bumper provides comfortable fingers that adjust and wraparound almost any nasal profile

·         Ratchet lens inclination adjustment

·         Passed military V0 ballistic (standard MIL-STD-662) test regiment

·         HydroShieldTM is a revolutionary anti-fog lens coating, permanently bonded to the lens, requiring no maintenance and no application


Uvex HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating

60X Longer-Lasting* Fog-Free Performance

Foggy lenses are the number one challenge that users of safety eye wear face on the job. This revolutionary new lens coating is engineered to keep workers fog free for longer than ever before. HydroShield has been tested against dozens of competitive anti-fog coated products under the most rigorous anti-fog tests in the world. The results are groundbreaking.


 *HydroShield was tested under the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world, the European EN 166/168 standard. Under this time-lapsed test, a lens is soaked in water for two hours to simulate the cumulative moisture lenses are subjected to over time from sweat, washing and work environments. After drying, steam is projected onto the lens and the time-to-fog is measured. During this test, HydroShield lenses remained fog-free 60X longer than competitive products (for over 2 minutes), while competitive products fogged in a median time of less than two seconds.


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