Ripple FX Eye Skin Rinse 500ML
Ripple FX Eye Skin Rinse 500ML

Ripple FX Eye Skin Rinse 500ML

  • RippleFX Emergency Eye and Skin Rinse is portable and maintenance free for one year, eliminating time consuming washing, refilling and record keeping. 
  • Most standard eyewash bottles, once filled, have a life span of 4 weeks and the liquid is not sterile once it is added to the bottle. 
  • The cover protects the wash from dust, ensuring it is ready when needed. It containes only vapor distilled water, making it safe for everyone, even those wearing contact lenses. 
  • The bottle is manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, meaning zero waste to landfills and water ways. 
  • The soft and flexible eye-cup design is comfortable and form-fitting to individual contours, ensuring effective rinsing. 
  • Ripple FX Eye and Skin Rinse fits well into most wall mounted bottle stations, making it easy to upgrade from other bottles. 
  • They are individually boxed, secured with a tamper-proof seal, and the 1 year expiry date is clearly printed on the bottle. 

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