PEAKWORKS 4' "Y" Shock Absorbing Lanyard w/Rebar Hooks

PEAKWORKS 4' "Y" Shock Absorbing Lanyard w/Rebar Hooks

The PeakWorks Shock Absorbing Lanyards are a POY style (Partially Oriented Yarn), eliminating the need for a shock pack. 

In the event of a fall the PeakWorks lanyard will ensure that the maximum arrest force is below 900 lbs. 

The PeakWorks lanyard is available in a variety of styles including single leg and double leg (100% tie-off). Each lanyard has a drop indicated to help with equipment inspection. 

Each Lanyard comes equipped with an RFID chip which allows the lanyard owner to keep track of the inspection history. Each part is thoroughly tested during the product development stage and is batch tested to confirm conformance.

4’ Y Lanyard ensures 100% tie off. Rebar Hooks.
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